The wrong things you do to your skin

Taking care of your skin should not be hard, right? Itʼs not – IF you know what you should be doing for YOUR skin.

1). Skipping sunscreen: It does not matter how sick and tired you are of hearing the “wear your sun screen” mantra. Itʼs said for a reason. Unprotected skin is skin at increased risk of skin cancer, actinic keratosis, hyper-pigmentation, accelerated collagen loss, early wrinkling and early sagging. Sunscreen is not an occasional necessity. It needs to be part of your every morning routine – BEFORE you get in the car to drop the kids at school or take the dog for a walk. If you go to the beach or to golf or the pool – reapply per the product directions. If reapplying a lotion sunscreen is not feasible, hunt out K. some Colorescience mineral sunblock. Itʼs fantastic stuff, simple to apply and works equally well for men as for women.

2). Sleeping with make up on: No matter how tired you are, or how much the nice lady at the cosmetic counter said leaving your mineral makeup on overnight is okay – itʼs not. Sleep is restoration time, skin breathing time and toxin release time. If you have a layer of moisturizer and primer and makeup (any type) and blush and the dayʼs accumulated pollutants (not to mention your new dead skin cells) your skin is not only going to be dirty – itʼll be smothered. Cleanse and cleanse well – with products that are appropriate for your skin and its current condition.

3). Picking: Picking at a pimple is never a good idea, but we know itʼs hard to resist. If you feel you canʼt control the urge, then always make sure your hands and nails and skin are super clean. At least then you lessen the infection risk and wonʼt spread as much bacteria. A medical esthetician can show you how to “pop” a zit if you know youʼre going that route. Itʼs worth the investment just to learn how to do the least damage.

4). Assuming if a little exfoliation is good, then a lot is better. NOPE too much of anything is not good and this applies to exfoliation too. Harsh exfoliates with jagged crushed shells just tear your skin. High percentage acids self administered at home throw your skin into shock – plus you can scar your skin. Be safe and treat your skin kindly.

5). Eating as if your skin does not care. It does. Bad diets will always eventually show on your skin. Caffeine, sugar, heavy dairy, hormone laden meats and processed foods suck the “light” out of your skin. Eat better – cold water fish, green stuff, fruits and lots of filtered water. A good book to read is The Perricone Prescription. We are not recommending product, but the information about diet and your skin is extremely informative and helpful. You “are” what you eat.

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