Skin Care Tips for Dry Climates

Dry climates bring a whole slew of skin care issues to deal with. “In dry climates, there are low levels of humidity, reduced precipitation, high evaporation rates and often wide temperature swings from morning to night, Low humidity may make for better hair days, but it can wreak havoc on your skin.

How can you combat these unfortunate side effects? we’ve compiled Five tips to get dewy skin when you live in a dry climate.

1. Dehydrated and dewy never go hand-in-hand. To stay hydrated from the inside, out, keep a full water bottle in tow at all times

2. First, Exfoliate- The lack of humidity in the air can leave your skin looking dull and dehydrated. It can also dry out your skin and increase the buildup of dead skin cells. When you skip exfoliating, these dead skin cells can end up clogging pores, leading to unnecessary blemishes. Instead, exfoliate one to two times a week to keep your skin looking smooth and luminous.

3. Moisturize- It may seem obvious, but moisturizers are the ultimate shield against dry climates. Skipping this step, especially after you cleanse and/or exfoliate your skin, can cause your skin to appear duller over time, taking you further and further away from the dewy complexion you’re after.

4. Protect Yourself: Dermatologists largely agree that the most important step in any skin care routine—and the only one proven to combat the damaging effects of the sun—is sunscreen. Wear a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or more each and every day and avoid prolonged time in the sun which can dry out your skin, keeping it from looking dewy.

5. Be friends with coconut oil: Coconut oil doesn’t have a cult following for nothing. It’s a definite must-try if you live in a dry climate and want dewy skin! This multi-use product can be used to help moisturize the skin, act as a highlighter in a pinch, and so much more.

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