What happens when you sleep with Make-up on

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

No matter how many times you’ve been advised to wash off all your makeup before bed, sometimes you just can’t seem to make it happen. We’ve all been there. Maybe you don’t believe it’s doing anything all that bad to your skin. After all, occasionally you risk it and wake up with skin that looks perfectly fine anyway. Keep reading to find out what can happen when you sleep with your makeup on

1. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause eye infections and, in particular, conjunctivitis. Again, it’s rubbing your face against the pillow that causes the problem. That’s because all that rubbing will move the makeup you have on around and some of it can end up near or into your eyes. When that happens, you’ll wake up in the morning and find that your eyes have become red, itchy and burning

2. When you sleep, your skin regenerates itself. If your pores are blocked, they can’t breathe. If they can’t breathe, essential dermatological restoration can’t happen. Oil gets trapped in the pore, which leads to a buildup of bacteria. The reason you wear makeup is precisely to avoid the breakouts and enlarged pores that can occur as a result of sleeping with makeup on. If you sleep with your makeup on, you run further risks of developing fine lines, and both dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. Environmental factors come into play too. Walking down the street, pollution from day to day life can accumulate on the skin. Layering makeup on top of that means the residue of makeup and dirt builds up on the skin, interfering with your skin’s cellular turnover. Mascara and liner can result in your eyelashes becoming clogged. Worse still, it may result in them becoming brittle, breaking or even falling faster.

3. Acne - Excess dirt, oil, sweat, and makeup accumulate on your face throughout the day and form a film on your skin, the skin can't breathe properly with this film over it, so oil and sticky cells build up underneath, forming blockages. “That’s when you'll seeing acne appear. It's like the bathtub you've been meaning to clean for a few weeks now; soap scum builds up every day, making it a much harder (re: grosser) job to do when you finally get around to it.

4. Dullness- The skin becomes dull when you have an accumulation of dead cells on the surface because it can't properly reflect light, that’s why clean, freshly washed skin looks more radiant. Not washing your face allows for an accumulation of these dead skin cells." That makes a pretty strong case for regular scrubbing, right?

Sleeping for one night in your makeup might not ruin your skin in the most horrible of ways. But do not make it a habit. Just like you remember to take out your lenses (if you wear them, obviously), always remember to take off your makeup and sleep. Let your skin breathe and revitalize itself.

Our skin has a great way to repair itself, so let it do its magic so that you wake up to a fresh, beautiful face. n your blog to make it look stunning. Get started now!

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