The Hersnee Brand typifies the essence of a brand that is focused on celebrating the nuanced feminine beauty, irrespective of the social constructs that have created gulfs of divisions.

All women are beautiful and the products are meant to enhance and to give utmost confidence to every female in the world to celebrate themselves.

Hersnee is above all, the brand of happy femininity.



Hersnee’s body cream and face cream is simply out of this world! It constantly leaves my skin, smooth soft and glowing! I get compliments daily and have directed my friends and family to Hersnee. Tip: if you really want to shine, use the brightening bar and the face cream/body cream and thank me later!




My favorite product is the lemon body scrub! This help me get rid of my dark dry elbows and knuckle, and knees. I usually let it sit on my skin for like 2 mins before I rinse off. And the shower gels smells divine! I see it firms up my skin which I love. Thank you Hersnee!



The stretch mark cream is amazing. I am on my second tube and I must say I have gotten the most results on my stretch mark with this product than I have with any other products on the market. I will be getting one more tube after this is gone.